Eye Brow Pencil – 拱辰享 美 眉筆 1g (Gray灰/Brown棕)

HK$ 168.00

Suitable for all skin types
Gongjin bidan to energise skin for a more radiant and youthful appearance
Enriched with Hong Ok Baek San
Dermatologist tested


The History of Whoo Eye Brow Pencil
后 拱辰享 美 眼眉筆 1g(2種色 – Gray 灰/ Brown 棕)



Sculpt the brows with natural-looking definition by using this Gongjinhyang Mi Eye Brow Pencil from the history of Whoo. It delivers rich pigment to define the shape of your brows.

How to use:
Starting from the middle and working outwards, lightly fill in brows with pencil nib
Use small, light strokes to create individual brow hairs at the front of the brow
Make sure the arch and pointed finish is well defined
Run through brows with spoolie to remove excess product



Black, Brown