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Return and Exchange Policy

Dan Beauty Eshop’s service attitude is professional and prudent. It strives to provide you with a pleasant online shopping experience. Before orders are sent out, it will be reviewed again and again to ensure that the products are of good quality. Only long-distance delivery journeys may cause product spoilage, deterioration or damage. When you receive the ordered product, it is advisable to open the inspection immediately. If you find that the goods have been damaged during the receipt of the goods, and the goods you purchased are “returnable goods,” you must return the goods within 7 working days (including the receipt date) and follow the “return to product procedures.” Return the product. If Dan Beauty Eshop fails to collect the goods within 7 working days (including the receipt date), it will retain the right to cancel or return the goods.

Returnable Goods

The goods received are not in line with the ordered items (completely different products – not including replacement package names) 
The goods received were damaged, defective, leaked, etc.

Non-returnable Goods

The following conditions or products do not accept return refund or return and return services:

Product receipt period has exceeded 7 working days or more (including receipt date)
There is a shortage of the original packing box, original label of the goods and the contents of the goods (return must be the same as all accessories and packaging at the time of delivery)
The product has been opened or used (except for product deterioration)
Any personal damage caused or caused by defective products
Product is not well-packaged, damaged, damaged, or incomplete
Some products have been marked not to provide return service
Any free gift and sample gift
Malicious or large returns
The customer has tried to repair it by himself or by someone else
The customer knows that this product has a defect before purchase
This product is not a prefabricated product but a personalized product manufactured according to customer specifications

​Please note:

Only one replacement service per order
If the item you purchased is a “returnable item”, you can choose to exchange the item if it has been damaged. The replacement is limited to the same product and not to replacement of other items.

If you purchase “optional goods or combination (packaged) products”, you need to return the entire group, no single item returns

Return product process

If the goods are found damaged or inconsistent after receipt of the goods, please contact Dan Beauty Eshop within 7 working days from the date of receipt. The procedure is as follows:

1. Contact our Customer Service Department

Please email us at enquiry@danbeautyeshop.com to our Customer Service Department and provide the following information:

Customer Name
Telephone Number
Order number
Date of purchase
reasons for return
Problem/damage goods photos
The name and quantity of goods that need to be returned
2. Packages need to return goods

Please properly package the following items that need to be returned according to the instructions of the customer service staff and return them to us according to the instruction of Dan Beauty Eshop:

Original packing box
Problematic goods
Original label
Manual (if any)
Related gifts
All accessories
3. Confirm the return

After the product is recycled, our customer service staff will check whether the product status meets the requirements of the return policy. Once the return has been approved, we will send a new or correct item for replacement. This freight will be the responsibility of the company.

Return shipping

If the item meets the conditions of the “Return Policy”, it will be returned through the SF Express Service Center or SF Express. The freight will be borne by Dan Beauty Eshop. If the return is made by other means, the freight should be borne by the customer.

Refund policy

Please note that before returning or refunding, we must check and verify the return. If we find that we cannot meet our return conditions, all returns will not be returned or refunded. Dan Beauty Eshop will return the goods that fail to meet the return conditions in the form of “SFF / Service Center to Pay”, and the customer must bear the freight.

If it is confirmed that the goods are damaged, we will try to provide you with a new item for replacement. If the same type of product cannot be provided, the refunded amount will be refunded with the online shop purchase price (the price is based on the price of the order confirmation). To the user’s Dan Beauty Eshop account / bank account provided.

In case of any dispute, Dan Beauty Eshop reserves the right of final decision.

Last Update: 19th, May, 2018

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