First Care Moisture Anti-Aging Essence

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The History of Whoo Soon Hwan Essence / First Care Moisture Anti-Aging Essence Essence
After Secrets Cleansing Essence Circulating Essence [New Edition]

How to use
The first maintenance step after washing your face in the morning and evening, apply an appropriate amount to the face, cover the tap with the palm of your hand, and accelerate the absorption of the subsequent maintenance ingredients.

– The essence of the first skin care step
– Go to the fire / float / calm the skin / improve the face
– Lightly moisturizing
– *** The most important thing is to improve wrinkles + to facilitate the absorption of skin care products

Owner’s opinion
Because the essence is imported, it can be used immediately after cleansing,
After depending on your skin, you can use other essences, or other essences, directly to other balanced water/lotions/creams.

Circulation: slightly fragrant, thin, sturdy after the top, with beige particles
Self-born: slightly fragrant, more sage

More Resources
– 55% of the palace 绯 satin Baiyang liquid (. velvet, angelica, hawthorn, Wujiapi, Asparagus)
– Eliminates edema and anger, and looks energetic in the third stage of the essence.
– 55% of the ingredients of the Palace Satin Baiyang Liquid help the skin to circulate, it looks radiant and energetic
– Let the skin look transparent and maintain youthful status at any time

Bichup Soon Hwan Essence
– To use in 1st skincare step.
– To improve skin metabolism and blood circulation.
– To have slightly moisture effect.
– To improve wrinkles skin care products absorb

Apply the essence in the first step in the skincare step in every morning and evening.

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