Sensual Powder Matte (3種色)

HK$ 250.00

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HERA Sensual Powder Matte
赫拉 彩妝系列

A soft, matte powdery look
A 33% primer ingredient fills the curves of the lips and reduces the appearance of wrinkles for a smooth and soft matte finish.

Comfortable matte finish with no drying of the lips
A matte finish liquid lipstick with a deep hydration oil preventing the loss of moisture to keep the lips feeling comfortable and hydrated from within.

Color spectrum inspired by fall colors
Three cozy and comfortable shades – red, burgundy and beige – tinge the lips in fall colors.

– Take an adequate amount using the applicator and apply from the center working to the outer edge.
– Mix the product using the applicator inside to put it onto the tip evenly for a long-lasting matte finish.
– Blend the edge by gently tapping with the tip of your fingers to create a natural smudged lip makeup look.

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