Su:m37 - LosecSumma 鎏金溯茫

Losec Summa 金萃無痕酵能 系列重點介紹


系列特點: 再生修復、舒緩緊緻
適用人士: 全年齡段適用膚質 ; 所有膚質,尤其是受損肌膚
店主介紹: 夜間黃金精華 (Night Gold Ampoule), 夜間黃金面膜 (Night Gold Mask)

Losec Summa Product Line Description

It is a luxury cosmetic product line that helps enhance the strength of the skin and attains its acme based on inspiration dervied from the fermentation remedies preserved and refined over centuries.
Skin care products containing ferment ingredients that have been earned after a long waiting further enhance the basics of the skin and help recreate a much healthier and glossier skin.

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