Spot Brightening Ampule and Stick

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Spot Brightening Ampule and Stick

– perfectly cover and remove freckles, spots and blemishes on women’s face.
– Spot Brightening Stick: uv protection + whitening
– Spot Brightening Whitening Ampoule: whitening

Spot Brightening Whitening Ampoule
Whitening cosmetics, formulated according to secret court, ginseng extract containing IOUs, repair pigmentation and whitening skin blemishes functional essence ampoule.

Dual functional cosmetic whitening sunscreen, configured according to the prescription from the court, containing ceramide, a major role in skin pigmentation and blemishes, stimulate and protect the skin from UV whitening sunscreen against the dual function of white paste.

How to use:
* Ampoules: After using essence, apply in spots and skin blemishes site.
* Ming stick: After basic care, apply directly to the stain area, and gently stretched.

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