Whoo - Gongjinhyang: Special

Chen Chenxiang (Skin Secret Strategy) series highlights

Containing Gongchendan, it can regulate the skin’s balance of blood and blood, and moisturize the luster. It can supply dry skin with plenty of water and top ingredients. It can directly reach the bottom of the muscles, activate the skin, and protect the skin. Use on different skin types.

Cold series:[Suggest dry skin/persons who want to use the series] – Over-relaxed skin, this product gives cold skin supplement
Hot Series: [Proposed for oily skin / for people who want to use the series] – Unbalanced skin oil, this product gives off heat to hot skin , supply skin with sufficient moisture
Yu Series: [Suggested to use with mixed skin/persons who want to use it] – Improve skin roughness, improve skin’s bright luster

Family features: Enhances skin elasticity, glows and shines, masks skin imperfections, reduces wrinkles, and prevents skin aging