Hwa Hyun Special Gift Set (6 items)

HK$ 390.00

Set includes:
1) Hwa Hyun Balancer 25ml
2) Hwa Hyun Lotion 25ml
3) Hwa Hyun Essence 8ml
4) Hwa Hyun Eye Cream 5ml
5) Hwa Hyun Face Cream 10ml
6) Hwa Hyun Wild Ginseng Oil 5ml

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Hwa Hyun Special Gift Set

Cheongidan Skincare Steps
Step1: Hwa Hyun Cleansing Foam
Step2: Hwa Hyun Balancer
Step3: Hwa Hyun Ampoule Oil
Step4: Hwa Hyun Essence / Hwa Hyun Gold Ampoule
Step5:  Hwa Hyun Lotion
Step6: Hwa Hyun Eye Cream
Step7: Hwa Hyun Cream

Product Overview/Reference Description

Suitable for combination to dry skin

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