Prime Advancer Eye Cream – 多效活妍凝潤眼霜 25ml

HK$ 740.00

– 改善眼角/查角潤彈感
– 嬌嫩的眼周肌膚, 變得豐盈緊致的眼霜
– 以 “安瓶” 的營養令眼部強力保濕
– 緊緻眼角/可以查角:改善皺紋都得



O HUI Prime Advancer Eye Cream
歐蕙 多效活妍 凝潤眼霜 25ml (含銀梅花成分-改善皺紋)

用高級至臻精華後, 使高級至臻安瓶面霜由內到外塗抹.

It is a highly concentrated cream that captures ampoule that gives the skin a firmcore with soft cream forumula.

When a thin,soft texture like a silk scarf touches the skn, it gives a deep moisturizing and nutritious feeling as the ampoule drops form, and quickly absorbed and finishes smooth and firm sin.

This helps reduces the appearance of wrinkles on skin.

How to use:
In the last step of basic care, take an appropriate amount, roll it along the skin texture from the center of the face to the outside, and gently spread to absorb it.