Marti Derm Proteos Liposome – 30 Ampoules 30天份量 [混合/油性/敏感皮膚專用] [請詢問實際存貨量]

HK$ 390.00

– Moisturising, antioxidant and energising power
– 抗衰老 水潤 無油配方
– 混合/油性/敏感皮膚專用



Marti Derm Proteos Liposome Skin Complex – 30 Ampoules
30天份量 [混合/油性皮膚專用]

Anti-aging hydra oil-free.
Liposomas Ampoules are specifically recommended for mixed/oily and sensitive skin, with a fresh, light texture that feels pleasant for this skin type, with no oily sensation. One of its main active ingredients, Hamamelis virginiana, is beneficial to greasy skin. It has an astringent effect, which closes and tones the pores. Proteoglycans firm the skin and hold up to 1,000 times their weight in water.

Step 1: Shake the ampoule lightly.
Step 2:Support the ampoule on a at surface and place the EASY OPEN device on it, pressing gently until you hear a ‘click’.
Step 3:Remove the EASYOPEN device and the top of the ampoule. Position the dispenser on the ampoule up to the line.
Step 4 :Tip half the content into your hand and apply.
 Store the ampoule on the base, placing the lid on the dispenser