Marti Derm Proteos Hydra Plus SP – 30 Ampoules 30天份量 [混合皮膚專用] [請詢問實際存貨量]

HK$ 390.00

– Moisturising, antioxidant and energising power



Marti Derm Proteos Hydra Plus SP – 30 Ampoules
30天份量 [混合皮膚專用]

Anti-aging hydra plus SPF.
Proteoglicanos SPF Ampoules start working from the first use, moisturising and brightening skin, leaving it more supple. They contain UVA/UVB sunscreen that protect from radiation. One of the active ingredients, plant proteoglycans, deeply moisturise the skin, hold water and have firming qualities. Proteoglicanos Ampoules also contain pure vitamin C, an essential antioxidant that helps to repair the connective tissue and boost collagen production, as well as having a depigmenting effect.
Its fluid, emollient and moisturising texture leaves skin feeling soft and light, with no oily feeling.

Step 1: Shake the ampoule lightly.
Step 2:Support the ampoule on a at surface and place the EASY OPEN device on it, pressing gently until you hear a ‘click’.
Step 3:Remove the EASYOPEN device and the top of the ampoule. Position the dispenser on the ampoule up to the line.
Step 4 :Tip half the content into your hand and apply.
 Store the ampoule on the base, placing the lid on the dispenser