Sun Mate Stick
陽光伴靚防曬棒 (Makeup base/Primer) SPF50+/PA++++ 18g

HK$ 180.00

S-line sunscreen stick working as makeup base & primer for beautiful skin



HERA Sun Mate Stick
赫拉 陽光伴靚防曬棒 SPF50+/PA++++ 18g

帶有SPF 50+和PA ++++的強大紫外線防護功能可以保護並保持皮膚健康。



UV protection, makeup base and primer in a single stick
Powerful UV protection with SPF50+ and PA++++ protects and keeps the skin healthy. Pink pigment for makeup base effect and pore control primer formula in S-line stick; the more you apply it, the more beautiful skin texture and complexion you will get.

– Pink: Pink pigment for bright skin complexion, working as makeup base.
– White: Porous powder and mint leaf extract for soft, fresh looking skin with a pore-control primer effect.

Trans-mattifying technology for smooth and matte finish
Trans-mattifying technology mixes powder with a silky matte finish and oil-absorbing porous powder to give a smooth, glide-on texture. Mint leaf extract allows the skin to stay feeling fresh and matte for long hours.

Easy-to-use stick type
It has such a compact design that you can carry it around and apply at anytime and anywhere. It’s easy to apply this non-sticky smooth textured product to the arms, legs and neck. As an alternative to makeup base and primer, you can use it to prep the skin for makeup and reapply when touching up makeup to protect the skin against UV rays.

Turn the dial located at the bottom of the container to roll up about 5mm of the stick and apply from the center of the face working outwards two or three times when you need UV protection.
If you roll up the stick too high, it may break off or fall from the container.

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