Sun Mate Excellence
隔離防曬霜 50ml SPF50+/PA+++

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A luminous sun care solution to filter the spectrum of light and create glowing skin



HERA Sun Mate Excellence
赫拉 隔離防曬霜 50ml SPF50+/PA++++ (2種色)

帶有SPF 50+和PA ++++的強大紫外線防護功能可阻擋紫外線,尤其是UVA。它還可以通過濾光光譜來保持皮膚健康,並為城市中的外部刺激提供保護。

Lucent Pigment™從內部反射光,使皮膚自然發光。它的質地可以輕鬆地與皮膚完全融合,從而打造出更自然,更光滑的皮膚。柔和的WHITE GLOW和明亮的ROSY GLOW可作為化妝底妝。


Skin protection against the spectrum of light and external irritants
Powerful UV protection with SPF50+ and PA++++ blocks UV rays, particularly UVA. It also keeps the skin healthy through filtering the spectrum of light and provides protection against external irritants in the city.

Makeup base that gives the skin a luminous glow
Lucent PigmentTM reflects light for naturally glowing skin from within. Its texture easily and completely blends in with the skin to create more natural-looking, smoother skin. Soft WHITE GLOW and bright ROSY GLOW work as a makeup base.

– WHITE GLOW: White lupin (lupinus albus) extract contained; providing a soft, delicate glow and protection for the skin against external irritants in the city.
– ROSY GLOW: Rosa centifolia extract contained; bright glowing color to add a lively healthy bloom to the skin.

All-in-one solution for skin protection, brightening and anti-aging
HERA’s original innovative skin brightening Bio-MelasolvTM brightens up the skin and a mix of botanical extracts including water hyacinth, milk thistle and cyperus alternifolius keeps the skin healthy and youthful. It is an all-in-one triple functional product for UV protection, skin brightening and anti-wrinkle to reduce the appearance of the visible signs of skin aging and dark spots.

Take an adequate amount at the last step of your morning skincare routine and apply all across the face.
Lightly dab on more exposed areas such as the forehead, nose and cheekbones.
Be careful to avoid the product going into your eyes. Clean the mouth of the tube and close it tight after use. Keep it at room temperature.

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