Shadow Duo Glitter
雙色眼影盤 (閃光) (1.2g x 2) (1/3/8號)

HK$ 198.00

Eyeshadow duo of two colors perfectly paired for every moment of a SEOULISTA’s daily life
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HERA Shadow Duo Glitter (Eye Shadow)
赫拉 彩妝系列 雙色眼影盤 (閃光) (1.2g x 2) (3種色)

Exquisite Colors
The best combinations of paired colors make your eyes look charming.

Excellent Texture
With a single touch, you can get exactly the color you see. Experience the glide-on texture over the sensitive skin around the eyes.

Luxurious Package
The product is integrated with two kinds of applicators to fit your needs inside the packaging with the most luxurious design.

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