Rouge Holic Cream
魅惑卓彩固體唇膏 3g (16種色)

HK$ 250.00

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HERA Rouge Holic Cream
赫拉 彩妝系列 魅惑卓彩固體唇膏 3g (24種色)


Melting Texture – The melting texture for the perfect moment
The melting texture upon application gently glides on the lips for that extremely sensual moment of wearing a lipstick.

Stunning Colors – Pure colors that bloom brightly for a lucid shine.
The 24 clear and vivid colors complete an absolutely stunning look on the lips.

Luminous Finish – The moisturizing volume for luscious lips.
The rich oil protects the moisture inside to leave your lips comfortably plump and smooth all day as if they are coated with a protective barrier.

Draw a line along the lip contour using Hera Auto Lip Liner then use a brush to apply the lipstick from the inside of the lips.
For more vivid colors, apply the lipstick directly on the lips.

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