Brow Designer Pact
3色眉盤 4g (2種色)

HK$ 280.00

Long-lasting eyebrow powder pact for sharp, defined eyebrow and highlighter to add dimension to the eyes
No. 1 GREY / No. 2 BROWN
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HERA Brow Designer Pact
赫拉 彩妝系列 3色眉盤 4g (2種組盒)

Gliding texture
Its innovative texture that glides over the eyebrow yet seamlessly blends without smudging for long-lasting sharp eyebrow look.

Three colors selected by makeup artist
Gray and brown colors create a beautiful eyebrow makeup look, matching different skin tone, color of the eyes and hair and the highlighter paired with each color puts perfection in the eyebrow makeup.

Designer-type folding brush
180 Designer Folding Brush is designed for easy and quick defining and coloring.

Shape the eyebrow with the angled side of the folding brush and use the other side to fill up the space between brows.
Trace a line along the bone under the eyebrow using the highlighter to give a bright finish to the look.

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