Belif Problem Solution Special Set
綠色力量抗痘 套裝

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Belif Problem Solution Special Set
綠色力量抗痘 套裝

– Problem Solution House Set (KIT)
Toner 200ml, Moisturizer 75ml, Essence 50ml +
Toner 20ml, Moisturizer 20ml

– Problem Solution Toner
This transparent water-textured toner contains natural tea tree oil suitable for oily / sensitive skins, and also the Napiers T formula.
The hypoallergenic ingredients of the toner formulated without 10 substances treats the skin mildly, soothes the skin comfortably, and refine the skin to be clear and clean.

– Problem Solution Moisturizer
A protective moisturizer, formulated with natural white willow bark extract and tea tree oil that soothes and hydrates the skin without irritation.

– Problem Solution Essence
This essence is suitable for acne-prone skin as it soothingly covers sensitive skin.
Excluding 10 ingredients that may agitate the skin, the gentle natural herbs contained in the mild hydrating essence will help the skin become healthier.

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