AHC Brilliant Cleansing Foam 黃金尊貴洗面乳 150ml [下訂單前詢問存貨量]

HK$ 128.00

-保濕, 改善肌膚表層



AHC Brilliant Cleansing Foam
AHC 黃金尊貴洗面乳 150ml

Product Description

Gold Ingrediant containing Gold Light cleaner gives cleansing and skin glow at the same time
Water creates rich bubbles with gel to foam type and removed daily and makeup impurities with delicated cleansing
Royal jelly extract honey extract, propolis extract and milk protein extract ingrediant keeps skin moisture shield, leaving skin non drying moist soft skin.

How To Use

1. wet face and hands lightly, lather bubbles
2. use bubbles to masage face gently, rinse off with lukewarm water and finish with cold water