Royal Pact Holiday Makeup Special Set 拱辰享 美 皇家粉餅 (2種色)


  • CNY: ¥772.21

– 拱辰享 美 皇家粉餅 (1 x 15g + 1 x 15g Refill)
– 拱辰享 美 奢華盈亮唇膏 (旅行裝) – 3種色 (Royal Red No.45, Rosy Coral No. 25, and Red Orange No. 24)
– 天氣丹精華粉底 6ml SPF35PA++ (抗皺,防UV功能)
– 天氣丹精華隔離霜 (微粉紅色) 6ml (抗皺)



The History of Whoo Gongjinhyang Mi Royal Pact Special Set
后 拱辰享 美 拱辰享 美 皇家粉餅 (2種色)

顏色: No.1 嫩白 / No.2 自然

Royal Fact contains royal jewel ingredient to make your skin gorgeous and flawless, with a wonderful and rich pearl powder

The luxurious designs inspired by the delicate beauty of the past empresses. The makeup range infused with the finest quality ingredients such as gold, amber, and pearl, which are known as beauty enhancers in the history of beauty around the world. The pact contains pearl powder that gives the skin a natural glow and healthy look by its silk-like texture while enhancing the brightening effects

This special set includes:
– Gongjinhyang Mi Royal Pact #1 15g + Refill x 1 pact 拱辰享 美 皇家粉餅 (1 + 1 Refill)
– Gongjinhyang Mi Luxury Lip Rouge Mini 3 pieces (three color) – Royal red No.45, Rosy Coral No. 25, and Red Orange No. 24 拱辰享 美 奢華盈亮唇膏
– Cheongidan Radiant Essence Foundation No.21 SPF35PA++ 天氣丹精華粉底 6ml (抗皺,防UV功能)
– Cheongidan Double Radiance Base (Pink) 天氣丹精華隔離霜 (微粉紅色) 6ml (抗皺)




No.1 嫩白, No.2 自然