Snowise Brightening Cushion (Phoenix Edition)
緻美美白氣墊粉底液 (鳳凰版)

$ 298.00

15號 = Ivory Pink
21號 = Natural Pink
23號 = Natural Beige

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Sulwhasso Snowise Brightening Cushion (Phoenix Edition)
雪花秀 彩妝系列 緻美美白氣墊粉底液 緻美潤白氣墊粉底液 無瑕光感氣墊粉霜 SPF 50+/PA+++ (鳳凰版) (#15/21/23號)


A cushion foundation with brightening effect that provides a clearly brightened and a purified complexion.

This cushion-type foundation transforms skin by brightening its tone
The formula includes magnolia extract, which blooms with the bright light of spring, and a Pearlescent Complex to bring a translucent radiance to the skin. Your skin will be left bright and luminous for up to 12 hours.

Brightens and clarifies skin tone
Rather than regular water, this formula uses Sulwhasoo’s own purifying water blend with skin-clarifying licorice extract, to keep your skin hydrated and bright for hours.

Transforms skin, leaving it smooth, even, and brightened
With the oil-capture system, this makeup surrounds and controls excess oiliness on skin to leave a smooth, flawless texture.



15號, 21號, 23號