Pink Clay Heating Mask

HK$ 4.50HK$ 120.00

– 軟化角質層同柔化肌膚
– 利用專利Quick heating™技術,令人敷上後就好似蓋全住一條有微溫既蒸汽毛巾一樣
– 增加肌膚彈性及再生能力, 改善臉部細紋

  • 優惠-$120/30片
  • 單片-$4.5/片


HERA Pink Clay Heating Mask
臻顏温感心潤面膜 [清潔發熱-好用]

使用方法 : 每周可用1-2次,潔面後擦去水份,在眼周以外的臉上厚,等待約3-5分鐘後,用溫水徹底沖洗。

A heating mask that purifies the skin with a warm texture like a hot towel to reveal a healthy complexion

Quick HeatingTM
Formula that gives a nice warm sensation and brightens the skin through its purification effect.

Removes particulate matter
It removes even the smallest, particulate matter to bring back a healthy complexion and glow to the skin that has become exhausted due to external irritants.

Warmth and moist sensation
Rosehip oil that offers an excellent moisturizing effect, leaving the skin fully moisturized like it has received the great care in a hot spa.

Use 1–2 times a week. After cleansing, apply a thick layer on the dry face while avoiding the eye area.
After 3–5 minutes, rinse off with lukewarm water.
Gently massage on top of the mask following the skin’s texture to feel extra warmth.

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優惠-$120/30片, 單片-$4.5/片