Rouge Holic Sleek
魅惑卓彩半霧面唇膏1.8g (10種色)

$ 230.00

Super pigmented slim lipstick with a luminous matte formula for exquisitely beautiful, elaborate lip makeup
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HERA Rouge Holic Sleek
赫拉 彩妝系列 魅惑卓彩半霧面唇膏1.8g (10種色)


How To:

Slim lipstick for a smooth sway between line and surface
A new lipstick combining lip line and lipstick to exquisitely line the lips and elaborately fill the lips with color

Ultra intense color seamlessly blends in with the lips
Grinding increases the ratio of pigment particles for the sheer beauty of extra rich color. Super pigmented lipstick adds enriched color to the lips with a single touch.