Brow Designer Powder Pen
眉筆設計師粉筆 (雙頭筆) (0.5g x 2) (6種色)

$ 180.00

A powder-clay texture eyebrow with a flexible sponge tip to fill in the color of the brow and highlight the brow bone beneath the brow
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HERA Brow Designer Powder Pen
赫拉 彩妝系列 眉筆設計師粉筆 (0.5g x 2) (6種色)

Powder-clay texture
It is a new type combining the eyebrow pencil’s great color payoff and the evenness of powder that’s easy to use for everyone.

2-in-1 brow + highlighter
Ivory color base is good for every brow color and highlighter with white and gold pearls give highlight to the brow bone for a sharp and bright look.

Smudge-free brow
Mix of film creator and powder for eyebrow makeup resistant against oil, water or friction.

Put the brow color on the sponge tip and seamlessly fill up the spaces between brows.
Pick up the highlighter color on the other side using the sponge tip and apply along the bottom edge of the brow for highlighting effect.