Age Away Vitalizing Night Mask
凝時煥活緊實晚間睡眠面膜 75ml

$ 530.00

Anti-wrinkle night mask that delivers intensive nighttime nourishment and refreshes tired skin due to daily life with a mild peeling effect

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HERA Age Away Vitalizing Night Mask
赫拉 凝時煥活緊實晚間睡眠面膜 75ml

Intensive overnight anti-aging care
It is an anti-wrinkle mask that helps to purify and nourish the skin overnight through intensive anti-aging care for a bright, healthy skin complexion.

Increasing skin cell turnover for smooth and clear flawless skin
Yarrow extract helps accelerate skin cell turnover, relieve skin stress while, at the same time, replenishing the skin with energy.

Effect of microfiber brush to boost the skin’s suppleness
It has a brush specially designed to smoothly move along the skin texture and seamlessly cover the skin with the cream to make it look well-rested, bright and smooth in the morning.

How To:
Use: Put the recommended amount (the size of a coin with the diameter of 2cm; 0.7ml) on the area between your thumb and index finger.
Application: Divide the amount into 2 or 3 portions and apply one at a time using the brush, up to a half high.
Hold the brush in a way that the highest bristle faces upward when massaging the face.