AVEDA Damage Remedy Travel Set 修復受損系列 旅行裝 (3件)

$ 45.00

1) 重整修復洗髮水 10ml [有助修補和強化髮質]
2) 頭髮速效修復精華 10ml [即時修補,保護頭髮避免熱力造型的傷害]
3) 修補髮尾精華 3ml [修補開叉髮尾,並預防頭髮開叉]

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AVEDA Damage & Dry Remedy Travel Set
肯夢 修復受損 水漾滋潤 系列 旅行裝 (3件)

1) Damage Remedy Restructuring Shampoo 重整修復洗髮水 10ml [有助修補和強化髮質]
2) Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair 頭髮速效修復精華 10ml [即時修補,保護頭髮避免熱力造型的傷害]
3) Damage Remedy Spilt End Repair 修補髮尾精華 3ml [修補開叉髮尾,並預防頭髮開叉]

damage remedy™修復受損系列
面對自然損壞-damage remedy™修復系列,我們的修護重建三步曲-能以最有力的植物配方重新滋養受損的頭髮。適合任何因化學物、熱力或其他環境因素所導致的脆弱髮質,讓它回復自然美,使頭髮健康,如絲般柔順,增加亮澤。

dry remedy™水漾滋潤系列
Dry Remedy™ 水漾滋潤系列能立刻提升頭髮63﹪*的保濕度。令最乾燥、最脆弱的頭髮變得柔軟誘人。此產品已獲得臨床驗證,是混合佈里蒂油、石榴和棕櫚萃取的護髮成份,能深層滲透滋潤頭髮。

damage remedy™
Nature defies damage. damage remedyTM hair care—our three-step restructuring system—pits powerful plant ingredients against even the most damaged hair. The target? Hair weakened by chemical processes, heat styling and environmental exposure. The result? Hair returned to its natural beauty—every strand stronger, silkier and shinier.

Dry Remedy™
Instantly improve dry hair up to 63% with dry remedy™.* The system transforms even the driest, most brittle hair to soft, supple and touchable. Our patent-pending, clinically proven blend—with buriti oil, pomegranate and palm-derived conditioners—penetrates hair with moisture.
*Results from a clinical wet combing study